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Because this anecdote is so dramatic, I have to share it. Here’s what happened to me in Italian today –

I go to Italian. The professor yells at us. I don’t understand why, but a friend later explains that it’s because we understand the other professor’s material (the course is co-taught by 2 profs) but don’t know much of anything with regards to what she has “taught” us <–notice the quotes…I’m using the word “taught” loosely here…
She calls a few of us up in pairs to do dialogues, and I’m paired with another exchange student. We look at each other with an expression that says nothing but “seriously…?!?”. We reluctantly stand in front of the class, and do the best we can. The professor becomes irritated when I accidentaly slip French words into the Italian, calling me out continuously on it to the class. Despite our clear struggle, she pushes and pushes us to keep continuing. I break down and run out of the classroom (like I said, my emotions were near the surface). Not two seconds later, my friends Noémie, Chloe, and Julien were out there with me, comforting me and hugging me. Despite difficulties I have, it’s moments like this I realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends. 

We went back inside after a minute. I sat in the back this time, and thought surely she won’t call on me again. Heh. No, she called on me again, standing right in front of my desk making me memorize a sentence to repeat it and conjugate the verb. Because I was in such sad shape I could only handle one word at a time, which was kind of pitiful. 

After class, I went up to talk to her about the exam. If we have an exam, I need to move the date so I can fly out earlier. I told her I’ve been upset since the attacks and stressed – it was then that she started screaming at me. Like, literally yelling. I tried to cut in, but I’m not fluent enough to form sentences in that type of situation, so I just kinda stood there making doing my best to make sounds. My friend Noémie, bless her, knew what I wanted to ask, so did her best to spout it out for me. That didn’t work either. The prof snatched her bags and stormed out. 

Noémie offered to go talk to the dean with me tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll make some progress.

Just one of many challenging moments in the life of this exchange student. 

Despite all this madness, I’m SO LUCKY to have such wonderful friends. And better yet, they’re French, so I can practice French while talking to them – never in my life would I imagine that so many of my best friends would be French ^_^

This experience has been a veritable rollercoaster

Bisous xxx

Author: twinzlyn

Hi! I'm a junior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, double majoring in French & Linguistics. For the Spring 2015 semester, I did an exchange program to the University of Kent in the town of Canterbury, England. For the 2015-2016 academic year, I'm studying at the Université de Nantes in Nantes, France.

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