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Heh. Ok so I have to tell you guys the story of my taking some of my exams yesterday. 

First of all – taking an exam should never be this difficult to organize!

For my French grammar classe, there were 2 other international students who needed to take the exams early. We spoke to the prof and he said sure, jeudi at 10h00 we could meet him at room 023 in the Censive building. So we met. We went to room 023. The room was empty. We waited 20 minutes (hoping maybe if he’d forgotton he’d just give us a take-home test – lol that didn’t happen). We asked at the main office, where the surprisingly nice & helpful lady looked all throughout the master schedule to track him down. Apparently he was “in room 023.” Lol, cause he wasn’t. We went to the office across the hall. (By the way, this self-doubt and wandering about and asking for help is a lot of fun in a foreign language…) The lady across the hall didn’t know anything either. She actually snapped at my friend Mared, essentially saying, “that’s all I know! That’s all the information I have!!” ‘Kay, sorry, we just wanted help…! We went back to 023. Where he still wasn’t. We sat down and wrote him an email, then went to get a coffee. 

We had his class later that day. I went, though none of us expected him to show up. Surely he’s sick, we thought, to just not come. Haha but no, he was there. I spoke to him before class, and he got ticked at me saying that he had been there this morning. I don’t know what to believe. He definitely told us room 023, and furthermore, he was definitely supposed to be teaching in that room. Anyway, he told us we could take the exam after class. So we hung around, waiting for him to finish talking to students. All the sudden he just walks out the back door of the classroom with all of his stuff. What?!? Freaking seriously?  It didn’t look like he was planning on coming back, cause he took all his stuff with him. We said maybe he went to the restroom? So Mared and Im hung outside the restroom (yes, I know this story is tragically comedic. Enjoy), while I waited in the lecture hall just in case. They saw him pass by the stairs or something and messaged me to come up to the main office. We waited outside the main office for a few minutes until he exited. When he saw us he was totally surprised! Perhaps he had totally forgotten. Anyway, there’s adventure #1.

Adventure #2 occured the same day, with another exam. First of all, if you go to France, you’re going to do a lot of wandering around blindly looking and hoping for help. Ok, so I was supposed to meet my Literature professor in classroom 1008. She wasn’t there, and another lady was teaching a class – what?..what?!?! Ok, ok, I just went up to her office, right? No big deal. Except between that day and the previous, it had been emptied of furniture and was undergoing construction. Well. Ok, slightly bigger deal. I went to the main office, where the aforementioned nice lady was and asked for her guidance. Apparently my literature professor was “in room 1008”. Great. No she wasn’t. The lady at the office said “je suis désolé pour toi” (I’m sorry for you) cause I’d talked to her so many times that day. Sad and funny at the same time. Office across the hall is closed for lunch…ok! Go back down to 1008 where my prof has now appeared. Weird class change time maybe? I’m not sure. But I found here and finally got to take my test!

Author: twinzlyn

Hi! I'm a junior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, double majoring in French & Linguistics. For the Spring 2015 semester, I did an exchange program to the University of Kent in the town of Canterbury, England. For the 2015-2016 academic year, I'm studying at the Université de Nantes in Nantes, France.

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