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My Study Abroad Adventures in England & France

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I’m Going on an Adventure!









After over a year’s worth of planning, my life-long dream of living in England is finally coming true. I leave in 4 days for the University of Kent, Canterbury in southeast England (think The Canterbury Tales), and will be there for a full 5 months. I hope to write a new post approximately every week, thereby keeping those who are following clued in as to the ups and downs of my adventures, as well as serving as a way to help myself remember everything that happens later on down the road.

For those unfamiliar with the study abroad process, it involves much more than an application with an attached essay. In addition, there’s the preliminary research concerning which university to attend, as well as course research, request for transfer credit forms, financial aid approval, visa applications, flight booking, shopping, packing…the list goes on and on. However, seeing as I hope to study abroad twice [France next], I think (hope!) it will very much be worth it :)

After anticipating and preparing for this for so long, it’s weird that my date of departure is actually so soon. I look up at the night sky and think, in wonder, that I myself will be flying up there in a matter of days. 4 days left. The countdown continues…